[COVID-19] A list of countries currently unavailable for shipping.

A list of countries currently unavailable for shipping.
Please see below for a list of destination countries we can currently ship to.

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*Please refer to the "Air" section of "Parcels".
*For Canadian and Australian customers, please refer to the "EMS" section of "Parcels".


Currently we accept sea (surface) mail to Russia.

🇷🇺Notice of reception of sea (surface) mail to Russia.🚢 (2020 Nov. 30)

We only handle sea (surface) mail during cold weather.

This is because cosmetics and health foods are damaged when transported in high temperatures for a long time.
In summer in Japan, it can exceed 50°C in direct sunlight. It reaches 60°C in the container. The route that passes through the equator goes beyond that.

Due to the large export volume of Japan, parcel transportation will not resume unless a considerable number of flights are in normal operation. Therefore, even if a parcel can be sent from country A to Japan, it may not be possible to send it from Japan to country A.


This article is a re-announcement of 2020/11/30.