🇰🇿Air parcels destined for Kazakhstan will be temporarily suspended🇰🇿 (April 15, 2021 upd.)

Japan Post announced today (April 13, 2021) that it will stop accepting air parcels destined for Kazakhstan from tomorrow.

There are no planes and parcels shipped after February 15th this year are currently waiting for flight at the International Post Office.

We will contact the relevant customer individually as soon as we can confirm the correspondence of Japan Post regarding the shipped parcel.

Considering that it will be stopped at this timing, we cannot expect it to resume for a while because there is no direct flight between Japan and Kazakhstan.


There are related notices below.
🇰🇿The parcel destined for Kazakhstan is delayed.🇰🇿



Updated April 15, 2021

Japan Post has decided to return the parcels that have already been shipped and have been waiting for the flight at Tokyo International Post.

For our parcels, those shipped after February 15th are applicable.

As soon as the parcel is returned, we will contact the relevant customer individually.

We have a large quantity of returned parcels and will adjust the quantity received per day. It will take some time.

Since there is no prospect of resumption at this time, we will propose in the following order.

1) Change destination to another country (if possible).

2) Resend by sea.

3) Coupon refund. There is no foreign exchange loss.

4) Refund.