From "" to "".

On February 01, 2021, we changed the EC platform.

"" will continue for a while, but please use "" for new orders.

Since was a system designed for Japan, it had the following inconveniences for overseas customers.

●A review request email was sent before the item arrived.
● It is displayed as if Japanese consumption tax is collected.
●The refund period on the system was short, and after that, the only method was bank transfer.

We have been requesting improvements for a long time, but they haven't changed.

The new system does not have the above problems.

Customer information will not be carried over on the website, so please re-register if you wish.
You can use it without registering as a member.
* In-house order history remains.

Teams and services have not changed. Heart too💖.

We will continue to choose the best plan for our customers.

Please enjoy shopping.