🇷🇺🇰🇿We have stopped accepting surface (sea) mail shipments to Russia and Kazakhstan.🇷🇺🇰🇿 (April.19, 2022 UPD)

We have stopped accepting surface (sea) mail shipments to Russia and Kazakhstan.

The port of Vladivostok has been very busy in recent months and ships are waiting to enter.

It usually takes about 1.5 months for a parcel to leave Japan and be registered in Vladivostok, but now it takes more than 5 months.

The situation is the same because the shipping parcels destined for Kazakhstan also go through the port of Vladivostok.

After shipping, tracking information will not be updated while the parcel is at sea (on board).
It will remain as "Dispatch from outward office of exchange [KAWASAKI HIGASHI]".

*The low temperature does not affect the product.

We have decided to suspend acceptance as there is no sign that the congestion at Vladivostok Port will be resolved.


On January 26, 2022, Japan Post announced that it would stop accepting Surface (sea) mail destined for Russia.

Temporary suspension of international mail to various countries/territories

The congestion at Vladivostok Port has not been resolved, and it now takes about 6-7 months for the parcel to leave Tokyo and be registered in Vladivostok.


The delivery status as of April 19, 2022 is as follows.

The parcels we shipped in August were delivered in February.
The parcels we shipped in September were delivered in March.
The parcels we shipped in October were delivered from late March to early April.
It's been very time consuming, but at this point there are no lost parcels.