ITRIM Shionkou Bracing Essential Lotion  125mL

ITRIM Shionkou Bracing Essential Lotion 125mL

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Made in JAPAN

Naturally derived ingredients 97%

For a beautiful mature skin texture. "High-Performance Lotion"

The multi-functional lotion multilaterally approaches mature skin texture that tends to be uneven. Containing oils, it comfortably penetrates*1 the skin with a mild yet fresh texture. Mature skin that is prone to sagging is tightened as it is enveloped in moisture. Formulated with green caviar extract with high-efficiency moisturizing power for plumping up and evening the skin texture, a skin-moisturizing hybrid extract made of fermented olive leaves, and Japanese maple leaf extract.

It improves firmness and elasticity*2 for supple and beautiful skin. *1 Inside the horny layer *2 The firmness of skin

Effective Ingredients
・Green caviar extract*1 ・Fermented olive leaf extract*2 ・Japanese maple leaf extract ・Chicory leaf extract
・Kigelia africana fruit /
Quillaja bark blended extracts ・Antica seed extract

Shionkou Concept Ingredients
・Soft rush stem extract
・Blue tansy oil*3
・Niaouli oil*4
・Aralia elata fermented extract*5 ・Mafura butter*6

ITRIM Concept Ingredients
・Melissa officinalis leaf oil ・Yubari melon seed oil*7 ・Loquat leaf extract

*1 Caulerpa lentillifera extract *2 Galactomyces / fermented olive leaf extract *3 Tanacetum annuum flower oil *4 Melaleuca Viridiflora leaf oil *5 Aspergillus / (aralia elata branch / leaf) fermented extract *6 Trichilia emetica seed oil *7 Melon seed oil

"ITRIM" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Three", "Amplitude".