ITRIM Shionkou Refreshing Powder Wash

ITRIM Shionkou Refreshing Powder Wash

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Made in JAPAN
0.7g x 30 packets

Naturally derived ingredients 98%

Cleanses the skin throughout, including the pores. "Amino Acid Powder Wash"

A powder face wash made with gentle amino acid-based cleansing ingredients, which is totally frictionless for mature skin. It cleanses the skin throughout, including the grooves on the skin surface and any bumps around the pores. Ultra-fine powder containing beauty extracts lathers well as it melts on the skin, removing dirt and excess keratin that are clogging the pores. Formulated with azuki seed extract that removes waste products and improves skin texture and firmness, yucca extract that is known as a cleanser of nature and is rich in saponin, and tagua nut seed powder that removes unnecessary substances from the skin.
Skin texture is improved and the skin is left smoother, silky, and radiant after washing.

Effective Ingredients
・Azuki seed extract ・Fermented barley
seed extract*9

Shionkou Concept Ingredients
・Soft rush stem powder*10 ・Blue tansy oil*3 ・Niaouli oil*4
・Aralia elata fermented
extract*5 ・Mafura butter*6

ITRIM Concept Ingredients
・Melissa officinalis leaf oil
・Yubari melon seed oil*7 ・Loquat leaf extract

Effective Ingredients
・Yucca extract*11 ・Purple clay*8

Effective Ingredient
・Tagua nut seed powder*12

*3 Tanacetum annuum flower oil *4 Melaleuca Viridiflora leaf oil *5 Aspergillus / (aralia elata branch / leaf) fermented extract *6 Trichilia emetica seed oil *7 Melon seed oil *8 Kaolin *9 Saccharomyces / fermented barley seed extract *10 Soft rush stem *11 Yucca schidigera stem extract *12 Phyterephasus ekatorialis seeds

"ITRIM" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Three", "Amplitude".