ITRIM Elementary Facial Cream 25g

ITRIM Elementary Facial Cream 25g

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Made in JAPAN

Naturally derived ingredients: 98%

A cream for mature skin that gives a rich moisturizing effect.
A cream designed to improve the firmness and elasticity* lacking in mature skin.
With a soft, skin-enveloping texture, the non-sticky cream adheres comfortably and drenches
the skin in rich moisture, enhancing the effects of the skincare at every level.
It contains fermented pear leaf extract that repairs skin damage from UV rays, lion's mane
extract that promotes collagen production to improve the firmness and elasticity*,
and peach flower extract that protects the skin with its outstanding skin-beautifying effects.
The cream draws out the firmness and elasticity bouncing from within, leaving the facial
features looking fresher and sharper.
It keeps the comple

Moisturizing and Emollient Ingredients

Effective Ingredients
・Fermented pear leaf
extract (Aspergillus / pear
leaf ferment extract)
・Lion's mane extract
・Peach flower extract

Elementary Concept
・Rose leaf and rice
malt fermented liquid
(Aspergillus / (damask
rose leaf / rice)
ferment filtrate)

Face Care Concept
・Loquat flower extract
・Elemi oil (Canarium
commune extract)
・Alkanna root extract

ITRIM Concept
・Melissa officinalis leaf oil
・Yubari melon seed oil
(Melon seed oil)
・Loquat leaf extract

"ITRIM" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Three", "Amplitude".