THREE Aiming Facial Oil Essence 28mL [100% naturally derived ingredients]

THREE Aiming Facial Oil Essence 28mL [100% naturally derived ingredients]

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Made in JAPAN

"THREE" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Amplitude".

100% naturally derived ingredients


“Awakens your beauty holistically, responding flexibly to imbalances.”

An oil-based serum that is a pleasure to use, realizing synergies between permeability that changes the perception of oil-based serums and moisturizing / protecting effects that are unique characteristics of oil.
It glides on and is quickly absorbed as if one with the skin, exuding a sensuous and spicy aroma that resonates with a woman’s instinct.
It encourages the skin’s beauty by supporting its barrier layers, correcting its imbalances, and providing deep hydration.
Awakens supple, elastic firmness and clearness of skin.

How to use

・As a booster serum, before application of the lotion
Aiming Facial Oil Essence > Aiming Lotion > Aiming Emulsion > Aiming Cream

・As a treatment serum, after application of the lotion
Aiming Lotion > Aiming Facial Oil Essence > Aiming Emulsion > Aiming Cream

1. After cleansing your face or after having applied the lotion, place an appropriate amount on your palm.
2. Apply on your face and smooth over upwards from the jawline.
Cover the entire face with both hands, penetrating the essence by gently pressing your hands against the face.

Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients

<Essential oils>
Fennel oil / Geranium oil / Rose oil / Bergamot fruit oil / Lavender oil / Rosemary oil

<Botanical oils and fats>
Olive oil / Pomegranate seed oil / Sea buckthorn fruit oil / Tea seed oil / Black currant oil / Jojoba oil

Alaria esculenta extract / Althaea officinalis root extract / Licorice root extract / Rice bran extract / Pomegranate flower extract / Peony extract / Rosemary leaf extract