Tree of Life Beauty Oil Rosehip 10ml <organic>

Tree of Life Beauty Oil Rosehip 10ml

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Made in JAPAN
Country of origin: Chile

Rosehip (Rosa canina fluit) OIL

100% pure fruit oil from Chilean organic rosehip (Rosa canina).
It conditions the skin to maintain a soft and glowing complexion.

Rosehip oil has an anti-aging effect by inhibiting elastase activity.

***There is a unique smell of rose hip oil.

As oil is easy to oxidize, please use within one month after opening.

We recommend the following order: lotion --> serum --> (Emulsion
--> cream -->) This product.
*If the oil component is applied first, the water component does not penetrate

Rosa canina, commonly known as the "dog rose".

"TREE OF LIFE Co., Ltd." is a pioneer company that has popularized aromatherapy in Japan, and is the industry's largest supplier of organic certified essential oils etc..