ADDICTION BY AYAKO COMPACT ADDICTION "Chinoiserie" [Limited Edition] Eye shadow

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Made in JAPAN

Release on August 3, 2018
Limited Edition

"ADDICTION" debuted in 2009 is "KOSE" group.

In Fall 2018, ADDICTION travels through China

What truly drives me is heading toward my destination,
and right now, that’s the grand expanse of China.

Captivated by color and heartrending music,
drawn in to the magnificent world of The Last Emperor,
crafted by Italy’s renown director, Bernardo Bertolucci.

When I created these 6 new square compacts with 9 colors each
I thought about the women who use them carefully
selecting the colors and lining them up, one by one.

I hope you will be captivated by the beautiful sorrow evoked by this collection.
I collaborated with Hiroshi Tanabe to give this sense of captivation
a special sense of depth.

Fascinated by the film, The Last Emperor,
Ayako created a tapestry of 9 eye shadow colors for this compact.

The 9 colors in this compact were brought together in the image of a woman
who endures a turbulent era with alluring grace. These colors give
a sense of Chinoiserie that is arranged
to allow women to apply as they like even with only one or two shades.