CALPIS Vascular care 90tablets / 30days

CALPIS Vascular care 90tablets / 30days

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Made in JAPAN

90tablets / 30days
3tablets / 1day

Please take in water without chewing at your favorite timing.

Lactotripeptide (VPP, IPP): 4.8mg
in 3tablets

It has been confirmed that the milk-derived component "Lactotripeptide" suppresses vascular dysfunction that occurs during menopause.

Vascular function declines with age, but especially in women, when they enter the menopause after about 45 years of age, vascular endothelial function declines, and if that condition continues, the blood vessels become stiff and the onset of arteriosclerosis accelerates. Is known.

It has the effect of increasing blood NO (Nitric Oxide) concentration and softening blood vessels.

"CALPIS" is a company of lactic acid bacteria drinks that lasts more than 100 years in Japan.