DHC Adlay Extract 30capsules 30days

DHC Adlay Extract 30capsules 30days

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Made in JAPAN

It takes 3 days to ship.

30capsules (30days)
1capsule / 1day

with water at a convenient timing.

in 1capsule

More than 5.5 million sold!*
*Total sales of Adlay Extract from Oct. 14, 2003 to Mar. 31, 2018.

13 times concentrated Adlay extract. Gives brightness and smoothness to your complexion.
Adlay Extract is formulated with of adlay extracts known as coix seed in the Japanese herbal medicine in 13 times concentration.
Vitamin E is added to support skin concerns such as dullness, rough and dry skin, to promote youthfulness and beauty.
Recommended for people wishing to be healthy from inner side of your body.