DHC DHA 120capsules 30days

DHC DHA 120capsules 30days

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Made in JAPAN

It takes 3 days to ship.

120capsules (30days)
4capsules / 1day

with water at a convenient timing.

Vitamin E 60.0 mg,
DHA 510 mg,
EPA 110 mg
in 4capsules

Lower your blood triglyceride levels! Stay healthy with fish-derived DHA and EPA (Omega-3 fats)!
This supplement approved as Food with Function Claims, which contains 510mg of DHA and 110 mg of EPA per daily recommended intake as functional substances.
DHA and EPA are reported to lower the levels of blood triglycerides (fat in blood). This supplement is recommended to people who have concerns about triglyceride level, or people who would like to take fish-derived DHA.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which is abundantly found in fish such as tuna, bonito or sardines, which supports fluidity of blood. It is difficult to produce DHA and EPA in the human body and is recommended to take by supplements.

DHC pays high attention to substances influenced by sea pollution or radio action. DHC uses safe ingredients only that are extracted from tuna from the Pacific Ocean and Indian Sea, sardines from offshore Peru, and refine in the Japanese factory.

Clinically tested "Foods with Function Claims".
Registration number : C23

"Foods with Function Claims" in JAPAN
information: https://www.caa.go.jp/policies/policy/food_labeling/information/pamphlets/pdf/151224_1.pdf