DHC Germanium Cream 45g

DHC Germanium Cream 45g

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Made in JAPAN

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More than 1 million sold!*
*Total sales of DHC Germanium series from Mar. 9, 2007, through Aug. 31, 2017

Highly purified organic germanium energizes cells and skin to boost beauty. Rich, smoothly textured cream for deep moisture
DHC Germanium Cream is a high-grade beauty cream, formulated with multiple beauty essences, such as water-soluble organic germanium, hyaluronic acid and other plant-derived ingredients, including scutellaria root extract. Organic germanium is commonly found in ginseng, garlic, adlay and other herbal medicine plants. It supports metabolism of skin cells and imparts vitality.

The smooth, rich texture of the cream blends with the skin’s texture, absorbing deeply into the skin layer and bringing firmness and suppleness. The cream also deeply moisturizes skin and protects it from UV rays and other external stimuli. A super-luxurious beauty cream for aging beautifully.

For best results, use with other Germanium series products.

No added fragrance, colorants or parabens.

Allergy tested. (Although most will have no allergic reaction, a small percentage may.)

Formulated with Asai Germanium
Discovered in Japan by Dr. Kazuhiko Asai, Asai Germanium is a naturally derived antioxidant made with organic germanium, which is found in many natural sources, including ginseng and other Asian botanicals. It's known throughout Asia for its oxygenation benefits and for encouraging natural cell turnover.

How to Use
Apply an amount the size of a pearl evenly over face. Apply in layers on areas of concern.
For best results, use with other Germanium series products.

Precautions for Storage
*Close the cap tightly after use.
*Avoid direct sunlight and extremely high-temperature and high-humidity environments.
*Keep out of the reach of children.