DHC Medicated Q Cream 50g

DHC Medicated Q Cream 50g

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Made in JAPAN

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More than 24 million sold!*
*Total sales of Medicated Q series from Jan. 14, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2018.

Rich cream to impart elasticity and give skin a glow

DHC Medicated Q Cream is a beauty cream formulated with ingredients such as placenta and licorice derivatives and coenzyme Q10, to help troubled skin. It protects your skin from damage by aging and UV rays and imparts a youthful and beautiful look. Even with the rich texture, it spreads smoothly. Its intensive moisturizing effect keeps your skin hydrated and leaves behind beautifully moisturized skin. The longer you use this cream, the more you will notice your skin's improved glow and elasticity. This cream is recommended for those who are looking for smooth supple skin.

No added fragrance, colorants or parabens.

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount (about the size of a pearl) evenly over face.


Cosmetics and quasi-drugs categories
In Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare classifies the beauty products under 2 categories: cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Quasi-drugs, in opposite to cosmetics, are medicated, have a mild pharmacologic effect and include active ingredients. If the product is approved as a quasi-drug by the ministry, the manufacturer is allowed to actually claim the effectiveness of the product.