DHC Placenta Jelly EX 15g * 15days

DHC Placenta Jelly EX 15g * 15days

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Supplement / food
Made in JAPAN

It takes 3 days to ship.

*The expiration date is 6 months at the time of shipment from the manufacturer.

15packs (15days)
1pack / 1day

Please take 1 pack a day at your favorite timing.
*It is common to drink directly from the pack.

Contains 32% peach juice

No coloring or preservatives added & Non-caffeine

Placenta extract concentrated powder 152 mg (placenta extract 5000 mg),
Collagen peptide (from fish) 50mg,
Enzyme-treated rutin 30 mg,
Royal Jelly Peptide 10 mg,
Swallow's nest extract powder 5 mg,
ermented ceramide 100 μg
in 1pack

It will be more delicious when it cools.