Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Gold Peel 145g

Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Gold Peel 145g

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Made in JAPAN

Platinum nanocolloid formulation

Blended with gold foil of 99.99% pure gold.
Three types of collagen, three types of hyaluronic acid, four
types ceramide combinations.

An exfoliating rinse-off gel with a luxurious amount of “pure gold flakes” that gives the skin an eternal beauty.

Can be used with wet hands! Smooth skin everywhere with this single product.

Simply care for the skin while bathing, focusing on problem spots throughout the facial and body (décolletage, elbows/knees, heels, hips).

No fragrance
No coloring
No mineral oil
Paraben free