Dr.Ci:Labo Soft-shelled turtle Placenta 60capsules 30days

Dr.Ci:Labo Soft-shelled turtle Placenta 60capsules 30days

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Beauty supplement
Made in JAPAN

60capsules (30days)

*Please take it with water at your favorite time.

Perfume · synthetic coloring · preservative not added

"Soft-shelled turtle" contains 195 times more amino acids of black vinegar.
"Soft-shelled turtle placenta" is 100% of the KUMAMOTO (JAPAN) prefecture brand "HIGO-HINOMOTO Soft-shelled turtle" brought up in an extremely natural environment, thoroughly controlled such as water quality, water temperature, noise blocking, etc. .

Moreover, it does not warm water and does not give drugs such as antibiotics at all. It is a safe and secure Soft-shelled turtle that has grown over 2 to 3 years carefully under unreasonable conditions and environment.

"Placenta extract" derived from SPF pig and "Fish collagen" are also blended in luxury.

What is SPF pig?
"Healthy pig" that is not contaminated with a specific disease that adversely affects growth. SPF (abbreviation for Specific Pathogen Free) Pigs are raised in a thoroughly managed environment so as not to introduce pathogenic bacteria from their birth, and can be raised healthily without exposure to the stress of disease.

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