Dr.Ci:Labo SUPER100 Series Adlay 10ml

Dr.Ci:Labo SUPER100 Series Adlay 10ml

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High concentration serum / concentrate

for All skin type

Made in JAPAN

With Spuit (Pasteur pipette)

Amino acids indispensable for beautiful skin make moisture to your skin, and prepare a condition that tends to be disturbed with age. Serum containing 2 kinds of Adlay extract .

Hydrolyzed Adlay extract is an extract obtained by enzymatic fermentation of Adlay, which is an extract that maximizes the amount of amino acids by fermentation. This will firmly moisturize your skin and condition your skin further.

Recommended for
Skin roughness / fluctuating skin
Dryness / dullness of your skin

Please combine several drops when using your cosmetics.
※ Please do not mix cosmetics itself beforehand, please add it every time skin care.
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adlay : "Job's tears", "Coix lacryma-jobi", "adlay millet"