FANCL Sleep & Fatigue care 120tablets/30days

FANCL Sleep & Fatigue care 120tablets/30days

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Health Supplement
Made in JAPAN

This product contains L-ornithine monohydrochloride and crocetin. L-ornithine monohydrochloride has been reported to improve sleep quality (a feeling of having slept longer) and help you wake up feeling better. Crocetin has been reported to reduce fatigue upon awakening.

Clinically tested "Foods with Function Claims".
Registration number : G58

"Foods with Function Claims" in JAPAN

120tablets (30days)
4tablets / 1day

L-ornithine hydrochloride: 500mg,
crocetin: 7.5mg
+Vitamin B1: 15.0mg,
+Vitamin B2: 6.0mg,
+Vitamin B6: 10.0mg
in 4tablets

with water at a convenient timing.