FANCL Super kids support 10packs/10days

FANCL Super kids support 10packs/10days

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Healthy food for kids
Made in JAPAN

10packs (10days)
1pack / 1day

Dissolve 1 pack of this product in 150 ml of milk and drink.
First of all, add this product to 10 to 30 ml of milk and stir. After mixing well, mix with the rest of the milk.

Protein: 0.80g,
Lipid: 0.45g,
Carbohydrate: 8.9g [Sugar: 8.0g,
Dietary fiber: 0.89g],
Salt equivalent: 0.05g,
Calcium: 400 mg,
Iron: 6.8 mg,
Vitamin D: 4.0 μg,
Vitamin E: 6.3mg
Plasma lactic acid bacteria: 100 billion
[Energy: 41 kcal]
in 1pack

No artificial sweeteners, colorings, salt, preservatives, or fragrances added

Includes milk, soy and gelatin. Beware of allergies.

Kale is cultivated in Japan by contract farmers who do not use chemical pesticides.