KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Chitosan&Angelica AOJIRU (green juice) 3g*30packs

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Chitosan&Angelica AOJIRU (green juice) 3g*30packs

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Made in JAPAN

Powder 3g*30packs
Please dissolved in water or hot water.

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical
"quality made possible only by a pharmaceutical company"

MATCHA(Green tea) flavor

This products is a TOKUHO.
"TOKUHO" is a government-approved food for specified health uses.

It is easy to drink green juice designed for formulated Chitosan is working to lower blood cholesterol, cholesterol levels come to mind.

This product reduce absorption of cholesterol and are formulated with Chitosan which lowers blood cholesterol levels.
Help to improve higher and those concerned about cholesterol diets

Melt 1 bag (3 g) in about 100 ml of cold water or hot water, please stir well and enjoy. Please eat as soon as possible after opening the individual packaging.
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Organic Angelica powder
Chitosan (including crab)
Raw sugar
Spirulina powder