LACTIS Lactic acid bacteria extract 10ml * 30pcs

LACTIS Lactic acid bacteria extract 10ml * 30pcs

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Made in JAPAN
10ml * 30pcs

It is the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell yogurt.

Take 1 pack daily with water at any time.

Estimated amount for children to consume.
1 year old: 1 ml to 3 ml
6-11 years old: 3 ml to 5 ml
12-15 years old: 5ml ~

It can be stored at room temperature.

Ingredients: Lactic acid bacteria produced extract, citric acid, lactic acid
※ All plant materials. Sugar, flavor, preservatives, milk ingredients not used.

As a lactic acid bacteria supplement, the number of medical institutions handled is the top for 10 consecutive years.