MAC Kitchen Knife Black Fluorine Coated Series 2pcs Set

MAC Kitchen Knife Black Fluorine Coated Series 2pcs Set

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Made in JAPAN

It takes 3 to 5 days to ship.

It is loved by leading chefs all over the world and the best sharpness among knives made in Japan.

BF-HB-70: 300mm (Blade length 180mm), Blade thickness 2.0mm, 130g

BF-HB-55: 240mm (Blade length 135mm), Blade thickness 2.0mm, 70g

How the MAC Knife was developed
In 1954, Our Chairman studied in a College of Arts in Chicago, U.S.A. While he was studying abroad, he had a Part-time job in a Restaurant as a Chef. He was given a heavy, dull (blunt), dangerous pointed tipped German knife and was having a hard time using it. Once, he accidently dropped the knife on to the floor. The knife stuck on the floor and nearly stabbed his feet. When he tried to twist the knife and pull it out from the floor, about 3 cm from the tip was broken. The broken blade looked very ugly, so he fixed it by using the whetstone and made the tip round (curved) and put the edge on it. He recalls that after that the knife’s usability had improved very much and his job progressed very well. He thought, why does the kitchen knife’s blade tip needs to be like spear? What’s more, there was no inconvenience with the round shaped tip when cooking.

He returned to Japan in 1958 and had worked in several fields. But his recall of the round shaped tip knife pushed him to establish MAC Corporation
In 1965, to design more safer/sharper/lighter and easy to use knife, MAC Corporation
was established.
Registering more than 2 Patents and the Design, he had released the MAC Knife into the world.
Since then, over 30 Million knives has been sold worldwide.
by MAC Corporation