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Made in JAPAN

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Directions for use
After conditioning your skin with a lotion and emulsion in the morning and at night, take an appropriate amount of cream on the attached stick, and apply it uniformly over your face.

When you use AUTHENT CREAM II before makeup, apply a slightly smaller amount of cream over your face.

The fragrance of AUTHENT CREAM II is produced from quality natural essential oil of roses, orange flowers, and violets blended with ambrette seed oil*, and full of femininity.

Ambrette seed oil: Natural essential oil extracted from the seeds of a plant called Abelmoschus moschatus, a kind of hibiscus.

We worked closely on the fragrance to make
the skin care ritual a comfortable and luxurious experience.
This was done in collaboration with the long-established
perfumery, Charabot, located in Grasse,
the birthplace of France's fragrance culture.
Using the finest quality, natural essential oils of roses,
orange flowers, and violets, combined with ambrette seed oil,
we were able to perfect a floral bouquet/fruity fragrance
brimming with femininity.

A dramatic experience begins the moment you touch it.
Rich, smooth cream with a soft, melt-away texture.
Be enveloped in the joy of your womanhood expressed in
elegant hints of aromatic rose, orange flower and violet.
As you smooth the cream over your skin, it feels like
it is immediately absorbed and becomes one with the skin.
Reaching the skin evenly to deliver the luminosity and sparkle of flower petals.
Delicately approach the area under the eye and around the mouth
for an appearance of lasting moisture and suppleness.
Delivering beautiful changes that day, the next, and into the future.