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Made in JAPAN

Exceptional*2 moisture and plumping effect.
Every heartbeat enhances your skin’s beauty with this moisturizing radiance lotion.

*2 In comparison with other products offered by Mikimoto Cosmetics

Fragrance-free / Color-free / Ultra-pure water used / Paraben, BHT, mineral oil, silicone, and sodium lauryl sulfate free / Allergy tested*

*This does not mean that all people will not have allergies.

Using the bounty of the sea to promote supple skin
with a regal air.

Luster and translucence reveal a regal radiance.
The mystical power of the sea awakens the beauty potential lying dormant within you.
Nature's energy holds the key, promoting skin with supple elasticity
and a youthful freshness.
Light and the sea.
Together they bring you the timeless aesthetic of beautiful skin.
Ensure a more beautiful future for your skin, with the elegance of a pearl softly capturing the light.

Series Overview
MOONPEARL EXTRA represents the very pinnacle*1 of the MOONPEARL brand’s aging care*2 range.
Our unique ingredient Black Pearl Conchiolin® is derived from the black-lip pearl oyster, while Paeonia suffruticosa root extract is obtained from the peony, prized in China since ancient times as the “king of flowers.” Working in combination, these two ingredients focus on skin’s moisture levels, which are depleted by the effects of aging and ultraviolet rays, among others. Together, they promote firmer-looking skin.
The products are formulated with five ingredients derived from Akoya pearl oysters and the nacreous layer of their shells, including Pearl Silk®*4, which targets the mechanism that enables skin to recharge its elasticity. Contained only in the emulsion, new moisturizing ingredient Codium cylindricum extract similarly targets skin’s elasticity recharge mechanism. Applying the advanced technologies and ingredients available to us right now, these products address the perennial concerns of those with mature skin by promoting greater firmness and elasticity.

*1 In comparison with other products offered by Mikimoto Cosmetics *2 Age-appropriate care *3 Hydrolyzed conchiolin (moisturizer) amino acids and peptides extracted from the nacreous layer of black-lip pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) shells *4 Hydrolyzed pearl oyster byssus extract (conditioner)