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Made in JAPAN

Microscopic bubbles
for even more beautiful skin.

ReFa has elevated bathing to an art
with the development of an entirely new kind of shower head.
A Fine Bubble shower feel luxurious,
warm and relaxing.
Ultra-gentle on the skin and hair,
it creates microscopic bubbles that cleanse,
beautify and bring out your natural glow without stripping.

Materials ABS resin, polyacetal, stainless steel, ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber
Grip screw type: G1/2
Weight Approx. 340g
Includes K (KVK) Adapter, M (MYM) Adapter, G (Gaster) Adapter, Masking Ring, Rubber Packing (Fine), Instruction Manual, Installation Guide, Guarantee Card, Warranty
Size Approx. 84mm×244mm×136mm

Product Story

Fine bubbles: a Japanese innovation.

Fine bubble technology began in Japan and has since been perfected through the efforts of several Japanese engineers and researchers, with each breakthrough becoming a foundation for the next. In order to make this technology available around the world and create an international standard, the Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA) was founded. ReFa FINE BUBBLE has worked together with the FBIA to collect evidence in support of its theories and advance fine bubble technology. By developing products that maximize the potential of fine bubble technology, we hope to provide greater exposure for fine bubbles while delivering their health and beauty benefits to people around the world.


To ensure that water does not become an irritant to your skin and hair,
ReFa has designed a shower head with Japanese Fine Bubble technology.
Much smaller than the normal bubbles we all see on a regular basis,
Fine Bubbles have a special cleansing capability that transforms your
bath or shower into a luxurious beauty routine.

Hydrophobic Interaction is the cleansing mechanism behind
Fine Bubble technology.

01. Hydrophobic dirt and grime are absorbed by Fine Bubbles. 02. Fine Bubbles gently cleanse the skin by absorbing dirt and grime that floats to the skin's surface.

Research and development activities have increased to promote the application of Fine Bubble technology across various fields, including environmentalism and healthcare. The Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA) was founded to support this movement, and in 2013, MTG joined the organization. Since then, MTG has been making a sustained effort to encourage the development of the Fine Bubble business.

Fine Bubble and the FBIA logo are registered trademarks of the FBIA, which is dedicated to promoting the widespread knowledge and application of Fine Bubble technology.

The Fine Bubble Shower:
Warm and relaxing with a gentle cleansing action.

ReFa has created a shower head that generates Fine Bubbles to bring out your natural beauty. A Fine Bubble shower gently, comfortably and effectively cleanses the pores in your scalp and skin.
Fill your bathtub with Fine Bubbles to deep clean your entire body in luxurious, silky soft warmth and comfort.
Let science provide you with a whole new sensation in skincare.

Unique Spiral Cavitation structure delivers
an astonishing output of Fine Bubbles.

Approximately 22,000 bubbles
every 30 seconds

The Spiral Cavitation structure instantly generates a multitude of Fine Bubbles. The more Fine Bubbles there are, the more effectively they cleanse and soothe the skin.

A soft and silky touch

The size and number of shower holes are calculated to provide an ultra-soft flow of water that is gentle on the skin and hair.

Thoroughly cleanses the pores by bringing
dirt and grime to the surface of the skin.

A total cleansing of the pores in your scalp and skin with every shower.
The Hydrophobic Interaction of the Fine Bubbles gently removes dirt and grime from your skin and hair.

Silky Bath: A warm and relaxing beauty treatment for the entire body.

Place the Fine Bubble shower head in the bathtub to create a soft, milky-white bath.
Immerse yourself in a multitude of Fine Bubbles to warm – and cleanse – your body and soul.

How to Draw a Silky Bath

Fine Bubble ON/OFF Switch

Features a Bubble Control function that allows you to switch the Fine Bubbles ON or OFF – and also adjust the strength of the water flow – by simply turning a dial.

Save water. Save money.

The Fine Bubble shower head conserves more water than a conventional shower head, and can save you up to 40% in water costs.