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Made in JAPAN
for Around the eyes

An innovative cream with powerful moisturizers*1 and retinyl
linoleate*2 to help visibly reduce fine lines caused by dryness*3

Formulated with a technologically-advanced moisturizing agent*1 and potent retinyl linoleate*2, ReFa WRINKLE CREAM melts into the problem areas around the eyes and mouth for a look of pronounced lift and fullness.
It also keeps the skin moisturized, and helps make fine lines appear less noticeable*3 for a dramatically smoother appearance.
With a texture expressly engineered for optimal compatibility with the ReFa

*1 Palmitoyl tripeptide-5(moisturizing agent)
*2 Retinyl Linoleate(protective agent)
*3 Clinically-tested

Powerful ingredients*1 to *3
that target the visible signs of aging*4

Palmitoyl tripeptide-5*1 is an intelligent moisturizer that helps promote healthy and beautiful-looking skin, especially in the problem areas around the eyes and mouth. Meanwhile, retinyl linoleate*2 helps provide the appearance of lift, fullness and a smooth, even texture. Additional moisturizing and protective ingredients*3 work together to help keep your skin looking firm and full of life.

1 Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 (moisturizing agent)
2 Retinyl Linoleate(protective agent)
3 Zizyphus jujube fruit extract (moisturizing agent), Hibiscus abelmoschus extract (protective agent)
4 Fine lines caused by dryness

Two types of collagen target fine lines caused by dryness

Hydrolyzed collagen permeates the skin quickly to deliver moisture all the way down to the keratin layer.
Water-soluble collagen creates a hydrating veil over the skin,
which helps diminish the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness*1.

1 Clinically-tested

A design and texture engineered for fine lines

The tapered tip was designed for easy and accurate application to fine lines around the eyes and mouth. The cream practically melts into the skin, and its texture improves the grip of the rollers as they knead the skin.