ORIHIRO L-Arginine + Zinc 120capsules / 30days

ORIHIRO L-Arginine + Zinc 120capsules / 30days

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Made in JAPAN

120capsules / 30days
4capsules / 1day

Please take in water without chewing at your favorite timing.

L arginine: 1000 mg
L citrulline: 50 mg
Vitamin B1: 8.0 mg
Vitamin B2: 5.0 mg
Vitamin B6: 4.5 mg
Zinc: 14.0 mg
Selenium: 14 μg
Chrome: 10 μg
in 4capsules

Arginine produces NO (nitric oxide). NO (nitric oxide) not only improves suppression of arteriosclerosis and improvement of immunity, including action to expand blood vessels by promoting blood flow, but also removes ammonia and promotes consumption of lactic acid at sports time It has been confirmed that there are various effects such as improving the performance of the product and reducing fatigue.
We recommend it to men in particular.
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