ROHTO Episteme CLINI SCIENCE white photo laser [2 sizes]

ROHTO Episteme CLINI SCIENCE white photo laser [2 sizes]

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Made in JAPAN

Innovative “Laser” Formula Addresses the cause of skin spots※1.

Size: 50mL, 27mL

Advanced whitening※2 serum that prevents the melanin. A whitening serum for the entire face that addresses spots caused by aging.
Contains the active ingredients kojic acid and allantoin. A multifaceted approach to beauty resulting in bright, clear skin. All-in-one multipurpose whitening serum that can be used for whitening, brightening, moisturizing, and firming.
※2: Reduces the production of melanin to prevent spots and freckles

<Key ingredients>
Photo Laser Complex※3, Kojic Acid, and Allantoin

※3:Rosa multiflora fruit extract, artichoke extract, Althea extract, and seaweed extract-1
Episteme is manufactured by ROHTO Pharmaceutical.
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: