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Made in JAPAN


The perfect gift for future self. Towards the ideal skin that lets you forget your worries.
A high-performance cream that feels like it penetrates deeply into the skin. Melts into the skin with a rich, soft texture to restore the skin's innate firmness, elasticity and clarity.
〇 Skin safeguards human being from external threats as the outermost material layer. In light of this fundamental physiological purpose, it is critical to keep skin well-conditioned and healthy-looking, by protecting skin from environmental adversarial factors like dryness in busy modern lifestyle.
-THE GINZA's original ingredient Perceptive Complex EX™ has moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties. It includes Rosa Roxburghii fruit extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (with anti-oxidant property), and Glycerin.

○ Maintains a healthy-looking surface of the skin by immediately and intensively replenishing moisture in the stratum corneum.
-S hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) (sodium acetyl hyaluronate)

〇 Improves dryness-damaged skin with moisture, supports skin's revival to be healthy-looking.
- Seaweed extract
- Scutellaria baicalensis root extract

〇Works on the deeper layer of stratum corneum during sleep. Skin feels hydrated, plump, firm and elastic.

〇Formulated with two types of brightening ingredients, therein improves the concerns of discoloration and makes dark spots less visible.
- Contains the brightening ingredients m-tranexamic acid and 4MSK (POTASSIUM METHOXYSALICYLATE).

〇For those who prioritize long-term and comprehensive care. After 8 weeks of continual usage, visibly reduces the area, length and number of wrinkles. * Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. Brings out the elasticity and brightness of skin. Supports the barrier function of the skin.
*Clinically tested on 31 women.

〇The dullness, roughness and dryness of skin feels reduced. Skin appears translucent, smooth and nourished.

〇After continual usage, feels like skin's turnover is regulated and skin feels in good condition. Skin feels healthy-looking in light of its condition and potential.

○ The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.

"THE GINZA" is the most luxurious and premium skin care line by SHISEIDO.

Cosmetics and quasi-drugs categories
In Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare classifies the beauty products under 2 categories: cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Quasi-drugs, in opposite to cosmetics, are medicated, have a mild pharmacologic effect and include active ingredients. If the product is approved as a quasi-drug by the ministry, the manufacturer is allowed to actually claim the effectiveness of the product.