SHISEIDO THE GINZA Eye Revitalizer n 15g

SHISEIDO THE GINZA Eye Revitalizer n 15g

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Made in JAPAN

For an impressive eye look. Formulated with a Retinol Derivative* for the delicate skin around the eyes.

*Retinol Derivative (Vitamin A-related ingredient).

"THE GINZA" is the most luxurious and premium skin care line by SHISEIDO.


Cosmetics and quasi-drugs categories
In Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare classifies the beauty products under 2 categories: cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Quasi-drugs, in opposite to cosmetics, are medicated, have a mild pharmacologic effect and include active ingredients. If the product is approved as a quasi-drug by the ministry, the manufacturer is allowed to actually claim the effectiveness of the product.