THREE Aiming Soap R [100% naturally-derived ingredients]

THREE Aiming Soap R [100% naturally-derived ingredients]

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Made in JAPAN

"THREE" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Amplitude".

100% naturally-derived ingredients / 78% organic ingredients

It simultaneously cares for and cleanses volatile skin, leaving skin which feels firm and dignified.
A facial soap with frothy lather which cares even for aging skin troubled by profound dryness and acne. Plenty of beauty essence suited to women’s skin have been incorporated in this framed soap, each soap of which is finished by hand. Purifying even your pores, it gives your skin a finely-toned feeling.

Great Willow Herb Extract (Extracts of Great Willow Herb flowers, leaves, and stems) Calms and conditions mature skin, which tends to be delicate.

Bilberry Extract (Bilberry leaf extract)
Keeps volatile, mature skin, which is prone to developing visibly uneven patches, healthy and bright.