THREE Aiming Lotion R 140mL [99% naturally-derived ingredients]

THREE Aiming Lotion R 140mL [99% naturally-derived ingredients]

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Made in JAPAN

"THREE" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Amplitude".

99% naturally-derived ingredients / 23% organic ingredients

Feel the deep moisturizing effect as you condition your skin to remain fresh.
Gives the juiciness of plants deeply to aged skin experiencing many disturbances such as dryness, stiffness and grainy texture.
At the same time as amply moisturizing your skin, it gives a plump, soft texture and a pure translucency.
You will want to take deep breaths of the fresh fragrance, with its accents of rose.

Peony Flower Extract
Ingredients sourced domestically and developed with a focus on the condition of modern-day people’s skin. Supporting the barrier membrane with moisture.

Fennel Extract (Foeniculum Vulgare fruit extract)
It soaks directly into your skin thanks to its high compatibility, imparting moisture retention and translucency at the same time as calming your skin’s condition.