THREE BALANCING SQ OIL R (Beauty oil serum) [100% Naturally derived ingredients] 30mL

THREE BALANCING SQ OIL R (Beauty oil serum) [100% Naturally derived ingredients] 30mL

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Made in JAPAN

"THREE" is a "POLA ORBIS" group that holds "Amplitude".

A sumptuous drop that infuses the vitality of plants into the skin.
To finish your day with quality sleep.

A beauty oil serum created with a focus on the “relationship between the quality of sleep and good skin,” recognizing that healthy skin is nurtured while you sleep.
We have developed a unique blend of essential oils that leads the mind, body and skin to relax, and then combined it with other bounties of plants including Sea Kale Leaf Extract to complete the sumptuous formula.
A skincare routine with the smooth texture and pleasant scent of the oil unwinds the skin and mind from the stress of the day.
It helps you to switch off from work and leads you to quality sleep. Then next morning, you will see healthier skin that is clarified and replenished with moisture.

<How to use>
Use before going to sleep. After preparing the skin with lotion, spread 2 drops on the palms and inhale the scent deeply. Then, gently and slowly apply to the face from the jawline upward and from the center of the face outward, letting the oil blend into the skin. Apply the oil moving both hands symmetrically and gently press the parotid glands at the end to optimize its skincare effects.
It can also be used before applying lotion as a booster beauty serum.

[Moisturizing and emollient agents]
[Essential oils] Frankincense Oil/ Bergamot Fruit Oil/ Geranium Oil/ Neroli Oil
[Botanical oils] Tea Seed Oil/ Flaxseed Oil/ Olive Oil/ Pracaxi Oil/ Jojoba Oil/ Milk Thistle Oil
[Extracts] Sea Kale Leaf Extract/ Tea Flower Extract/ Alaria Esculenta Extract/ Crithmum Maritimum Extract/ Apple Seed Extract